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  • Topographical survey to locate existing site features and as-built existing heritage buildings.
  • Subdivide into ten separate lots to enable development to be completed on a staged basis.  Some 3D boundaries and easements necessary.
  • Unit title surveys for the new residential development on a lot by lot basis.  Several unit titles done as staged unit plans.
  • Monitoring surveys for compliance with Council controls.


  • Detail survey of existing multi level car parking building.
  • Land transfer survey to subdivide the separate uses off from each other and allow separate unit titles to be done for the separate entities.
  • Unit title surveys over the new lots.
  • BOMA measures for the retail and office tenancies.
  • This is an ongoing project and a new office tower is proposed on top of the existing car parking structure.

Princes Wharf

  • Locate existing shed structures on the wharf.
  • Prepare 3D lease boundaries around each shed, i.e. Sheds 19-24 = Lots 19-24 on DP191790.
  • Prepare leasehold titles for each residential, commercial and retail unit within the individual lots (sheds).  The lease plans that were prepared for ownership purposes identified the separate residential area on the plans.  The commercial and retail units were shown as CUs, apartments as APs and the car parking spaces shown as CPs.
  • BOMA measure of the commercial and retail spaces.

Quay West

  • 3D subdivision (fee simple stratum subdivision) prepared so that the three elements of the development - basement car parking, ground floor retail and residential tower could be contained in separate fee simple titles.  The initial scheme plan to Council was on 2 pages - 2 sheets of plans, whereas the land transfer plan DP180504 for Lots 1-3 had 20 separate sheets because such surveys are very complex.
  • Subsequently the basement (Lot 3) was unit titled to provide titles for over 100 car parking spaces.
  • Lot 1 the 32 storey residential tower was also unit titled so that the individual residential units could be sold independently to either owner/occupiers or owner /investors who had their units managed by the associated hotel operators.

Note the building under construction on the photograph to the left and behind is the Stamford Plaza Hotel which is another project we are working on.


  • Unit title survey carried out on this residential high-rise in Orewa.


  • Unit title survey under way for the highest building on the North Shore.  To the left of the Sentinel on the photograph is the Spencer on Byron Hotel, another of our unit title projects.

Fairview 100 Lot Subdivision

  • GPS survey to locate site features to enable subdivision and engineering design and the preparation of the scheme plan.
  • Control survey to determine external  boundaries.
  • Project was completed in stages and three separate land transfer surveys were carried out to peg the new boundaries and to have titles issue for the new lots.

Basic Residential Subdivision

This is a 3 lot subdivision permitted because our client is preserving significant native bush, regenerating bush and carrying out additional planting for land stabilisation.

These plans show an example of:

  • The initial scheme plan (plan A),
  • The final land transfer title plan (plan B),
  • The final land transfer survey sheet (plan C) which shows how the survey pegs were placed, the final position of the house and the position of the sea wall.

Points of interest:

  • The existing house had to be relocated and a minimum area of 375m² is required under the District Plan.
  • The access to the rear is by right of way (ROW).  The ROW area can then be part of the Lot 2 area.
  • The house eaves protruded into the ROW so we had to reduce the ROW area from the underside of the eaves and upwards.
  • There was no need for an esplanade reserve or esplanade strip because there is an old sea wall which in essence reclaimed the land prior to the underlying survey being undertaken which meant the property boundary was no longer adjacent to the water's edge.

Note this plan was drafted prior to electronic lodgements.

Rural Two Lot Subdivision Gt Barrier Island

Rural 3 Lot Subdivision Rodney District Council

Plan A: the initial scheme plan

Plan B: scheme plan as an overlay on the aerial photograph

Plan C: showing the different areas for Native bush, regenerating native bush & planting Poplars for land stabilisation.